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Most of us choose Instead of title and description as pictured below. On its Troubleshooting tab, you can Enable Troubleshooting Mode. Following these steps allows you to test for various compatibility issues. This code should only be used for Bloggers Popular Post gadget images. The tutorial here would be better suited but you will need to edit it for your customised template. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes.

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I hope this helps all bloggers who are having issues with changing their headers. Not all bloggers are comfortable editing their HTML. Upload your blogger header to an empty page or post on your blog. Now that we have corrected your header image to the proper size, the header image is blurry. I think that your theme or maybe a plugin has specified the site to load the 300×200/200×300 images and scale them up to a display at a larger size.

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If you want to get a close-up, it’s better to take the photo without the zoom and crop later with an app. Zooming in will also make the camera shake even more pronounced – a recipe for a blurry picture. Friends How do you fix a blurry thumbnail For Blogger and WordPress, You can comment on how you like this post. Blogging and WordPress related posts can be found on this site regularly.

Could you please take a look and let me know what I could be doing wrong? If you don’t want to change the resolution of the image that Blogger has set by itself, then you can use this alternative method. Here we will change the quality of the image by editing its URL. This will resize your image to its original resolution and set it to maximum quality. The image will not look blurry now, however, if its resolution is very high, it may not fit in the post width. If the scene you are photographing is not time critical, such as a set piece or landscape, then use the self timer function.

How to Fix Blurry Images or Thumbnails on Blogger

And hey, I am just a personal blog, not a company. Download Countdown Timer -aged man from Narayangarh receives a ‘friend request’ from a young woman with a beautiful profile photo on Facebook. Using Google Trends for keyword research is a great way to get insights into how people search for your products or services.

Save the template and you should see your images in better quality. If your blog is using the older format of S Value such as s320 or s640 then follow the previous tutorial that is located here. It’s personal preference, but the max-width should ideally be the width of your blog post. Hey Erin, they’re set to the smallest size. When you upload make sure to choose “original size”, see step 1 above for more details.

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